LVM problems

I was not happy with the LVM configuration. During the installation I was not able to change it so I had to do it afterwards. I wanted a file system to put shared data in. I wanted to split up the home into 2. The home would be 100Gb and the share would take up the rest. I misunderstood the information on the internet and messed it up but I managed to repair it.

umount /home/
lvreduce /dev/mapper/horus-home -L100G
resize2fs /dev/mapper/horus-home 100G
e2fsck -f /dev/mapper/horus-home
mke2fs /dev/mapper/horus-home -j
mount /home/
cp -R /tmp/beheerder/ /home
ls -l /home/
chown -R beheerder.beheerder /home/beheerder/
lvcreate -l 90840 -nshare horus
vgdisplay horus
mke2fs /dev/mapper/horus-share -j

The share is mounted on /srv/share. I added this in the /etc/fstab