I had been looking everywhere to see why I could not use the shares of my new Samba server. Everywhere I looked on how to reach a Samba Server in another sub-netwerk. In the end I found it but it was not that it was not reachable.

The problem laid in the Samba configuration. How did I find it? Quite simple. On one of the pages I saw that you could list the user definition of a Samba user with the command pdbedit -L which lists all Samba users. On my server I only got an error message that said that it could not connect to the LDAP server. The LDAP server seemed correct. I could connect to it and make backups from it.

Then I did a thorough check on my smb.conf and found that the URL for the LDAP was missing a colon. When I entered the colon everything worked like a charm and I could start to 'activate' the Samba server. I copied over all files from my old server to the new server with the rsync command.

When I tried to use the files on the homes share Samba told me that I could not modify them. This was a big problem. Fortunately I quickly found out that the Samba SID from the old Samba server was different from the new one. Since the Samba SID is stored in the LDAP the user was not recognised as the real owner of the files. I updated all Samba SIDs for each user and group and now everything worked as before.

After many years of loyal work I stopped Thorgal. I still keep it just to be sure that I do not miss any data. What I will do with it later? I do not yet know. It has given me lot of joy and taught me most of the things I know about Linux. Linux From Scratch is a great way to learn about Linux. Unfortunately it takes too much time to maintain.