Long time no write...

It has been a while since I posted something here. Not that I have not done anything.

For a starter. I abandonned Windows on my working PC. I installed Ubuntu on it. This did not go as easy as I wanted but in a few days I was back in business again. The biggest problem was the activation of the NFS exports. NFS v3 did not allow the right locking so I went over to the NFS v4 way. Now everything worked. I noticed 1 thing. On Windows my desktop was filled with icons. Now I have none. But there is one thing that annoys me. Gnome has a tight integration with Evolution. Since I use Thunderbird I do not need this. The only thing that might be handy is the calendar which is not available for Thunderbird 64 bit. I plan to re-install my computer with Kubuntu this time. But first I must make a list of modifications I made and a backup of everything.

This weekend I upgraded my Debian server from Lenny to Squeeze. Beside the time it took I nearly had no problems. I said nearly. Slapd was not upgraded correctly. During my tries to resolve this my OpenLDAP directory became unavailable. At the same time I could not log on with the users that were defined in there. I searched, tried, and sweated. In the end I uninstalled OpenLDAP and reinstalled it. I managed to get the data back into the OpenLDAP database. Now it worked again. This morning I searched again and found that the possible problem is that when you run something on the OpenLDAP database as a different user than the user that runs slapd the transaction logs become owned by this user and OpenLDAP stops working because it can no longer access the transaction logs. I need to check this tonight. If this is true than I need to change my backup procedure. I export the database every night with slapcat as root.