On 2012/11/23 I already wrote about my way to install Tomee on Linux. Today we have Tomee 1.7.1 and I want to write how I upgrade. First of all I unpack the new version in the /opt directory. Now I do the following steps.

Copy files

I copy the following files from the current version to the new version:

  • bin/
  • conf/
  • conf/login.config
  • conf/
  • lib/postgresql-9.1-902.jdbc4.jar

Files to Change

I have a list of files that I changed. I re-apply these changes again.

  • conf/server.xml Add my JAAS Realm configuration.
  • conf/tomcat-users.xml Add my users.
  • conf/tomee.xml Add my datasources.

Copy Applications

Copy all your deployed applications to the new version.

Activate the new version

  • Stop tomee.
  • Remove the symbolic link /opt/tomee.
  • Create the symbolic link /opt/tomee that links to the new version.
  • Start tomee.

Now applications are hosted in the new version of Tomee.